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This wiki is for those of us who want a World Government of all people, by all people and for all people with Liberty, Equality and Fraternity for all regardless of nationality, race, colour or religion. All are invited to contribute but please refrain from advancing any individual national, racial, cultural or religious cause.


The objective of the One World Party International is to build up a global political party of like minded people subscribing to the One World Party International's manifesto (this document) to compete with other similar global parties in forming a World Government, elected directly by all people of earth (not their governments), to govern under an Universal Constitution.

Reasons for a World GovernmentEdit

  1. The world is too small a place for us to be divided by national boundaries.
  2. While millions of people on Earth are dying from starvation and disease, billions of dollars are being spent by many countries reinventing technologies previously invented by other countries (see: The Space Race in the 21st Century). By making Space a global frontier rather than a national frontier we as a global community will make far better advances in Space while freeing up billions of dollars better spent on Earth.
  3. The United Nations, The International Criminal Court, Organization of American States, etc. have not proven to be very effective. A Legislature and Court of a World Government enpowered by direct appointment by people of Earth will have effective jurisdiction which the UN, ICC & OAS do not.
  4. The lack of Universal Government creates a void causing:

How we build a One World GovernmentEdit

To build a true universal World Government we have to be pragmatic. To bring real positive change outside ourselves many of us will have to change within ourselves. We will have to grant others with often divergent and sometimes opposing beliefs and values to our own equal respect as we do to ourselves and those who share our own beliefs and values. Only those who have internally accepted the equivalency of all beliefs and values can coalese people of differing beliefs and values to form a true One World Government.

The Constitutions we supportEdit

The fundamental Constitution we support is the Universal Constitution.. Beyond this, were there is no conflict, we support all national constitutions that uplift their constituents without discrimination.


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